Lie-In Day
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An overwhelming number of research results support the demands of late risers, but these scientific findings are not being effectively put into practice in our society.

Being able to have a lie-in is still the exception rather than the rule.
For most people, it is only at weekends, on vacation and on public holidays that they are allowed to sleep as long as they would need to in order to be properly rested.

prolate wants to add a day to these exceptions, a day when late risers can actively and consciously have a lie-in, or at least demand the right to do so.
prolate proclaims 27th June an annual “Lie-In Day”.

On „Lie-In Day“ we encourage school pupils, students and workers to demonstratively sleep as long as they need to, or, if faced with too much repression, to declare that they would have liked to have slept longer.
To support this campaign, prolate has produced materials with which those concerned can express their protest at having to get up early every day to their parents, partners, teachers, professors and employers.